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Need to give a speech on bullying but can’t think what to say?
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Dear Site Visitor,

Sad fact of our times but bullying has become a part of our lives. Whether it is at school or at the office, or in the community, the need to talk about bullying is on the increase.

Maybe you are a teacher, or a human resources executive who has to cover these situations. Whoever, it is likely that you will be called upon at some time to talk about – bullying! Ever wished you had one good basic bullying speech that you could give at a moment’s notice?

Ever wanted to stand up and deliver a compelling seemingly off-the-cuff talk to your community group or your assembly, or even your works conference, but were too under confident to do so?
"But I Can’t Write" or "I’m Not Creative"
Actually, that’s the whole point of a ready-made speech. If you already have the words, then you just have to recite them. Forget what some people say about 97 per cent of what you say is not listened to, that is because usually 97 per cent of what people saying their speeches is boring. Or it’s just plain inarticulate.

Imagine...one speech delivered properly (on any subject) could take you on a path to renewed confidence in public speaking and maybe even alter your standing amongst your pupils and peers or employees or constituents.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t, if you have the right tools. You see, nothing improves your expertise in a subject more than a well delivered presentation.

But a good presentation begins with a good piece of script.

Seeing you have come to bullyingspeeches.com means that you are probably after a good anti-bullying speech. A good standard ten minute script is the most important device you could have in your tool kit.

Maybe you are a teacher with a class to address. Or a CEO of a company who has been invited to give a school talk during Anti-Bullying Week. Or perhaps you are a member of the community who is called upon to address the problem at a council meeting.

Having a prepared script means you will never be stuck for words whenever issues of discipline arise. Simply put, a powerful bullying speech is like having a little automatic, confidence booster helping you raise your profile on the pulpit, or in the classroom, or at the conference centre.
But Writing That Speech
Is The Hard Part...

It could take you several attempts and much humiliation to figure out what exactly to say – and can take up hours of your time which could be spent on other matters which are more pressing.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right words, you can now have a collection of hard-hitting, respect-building bullying speeches, ready for when you need them.
‘The problem with a subject like bullying is that it sounds
easy to talk about. But it isn’t. In fact you can get yourself
into buckets of hot water over these sort of subjects.
Either that or you dry in about twenty seconds’
Jane Dolby, Greenacres Community Centre, Yorks
Bullying Speeches Performance Pack is an Amazing Package! Just download the pack..
Hey presto! A ready made speech on bullying in minutes!
There are even a few opening paragraphs to adapt if you need a change.
Plus other resourcesA brilliant idea!"
James Wallace, Head Teacher”
Don’t let that bullying speech bully YOU!

Here’s how to tackle the problem of bullying in a pithy speech. Get the Bullying Speech Performance Pack now.

Ann Hathaway, founder Kids in Clover"
"Armed with a great speech you only have to concern yourself with
delivering a performance. It is guaranteed to get your
speaking abilities recognised….without having to write!"

Order the Bully Speeches Performance Pack and you also get a complete set of the Act Against Bullying Monologues !

Full Set of 40 monologues by leading UK charity Act Against Bullying!

At last! A whole range of potentially bullying situations already covered in a a set of monologues...

‘The first scripts are mostly suitable for girls aged between 7 and 13, with a small number also appropriate for boys.'

'The main usefulness of these monologues, as well as being a source of contemporary speeches for drama purposes, is in raising awareness and increasing empathy with victims of intimidation as well as providing a platform for class discussion during PSE lessons.’ Act Against Bullying, UK Charity which helps children who are bullied at school.

“This drama scheme is highly effective in helping both teachers and students to deal with this sensitive issue.....” Jeff Markham, Headmaster.

"These monologues are really good. They cover the things they don’t usually talk about at school. “ Jade, 13 years.

“Reminded me of when I was young. They made me cry” Naomi, Parent.

Maybe you’re a parent looking to understand what your child is going through at school…..then the Act Against Bullying monologues are for you!

Just download these Act Against Bullying Monologues and you'll instantly have access to a powerful play scripts which can help you open the subject of bullying. Never be in the dark again!

" We absolutely love these monologues. They are very useful in class situations. The children had to read them through a couple of times to understand them. They are so realistic. I’ve been drawn to tears with a couple of them. '

"I’ve been using drama pieces for over fifteen years and some of the plays that are published for schools are very poor.
They are completely unrealistic and only cover the same old things like kicking and fighting.
These monologues are so thought provoking. I have spent ages just discussing on with the class
because everyone had something to say about them."

"They are so easy to us. just photocopy them which some publishers don’t allow.
The best bit is that you feel like sitting down and putting pen to paper too.
Some of the children have been so inspired that they did just that."
Mary Sandberg, St. Margaret’s School, London

And that’s not all!

Ever wondered how some people can give great lively speeches while others …even experienced teachers and stage performers…just seem to wither and fade? How about the ‘windbag’ and the ‘stuck record’ who says the same thing over and over again. Or the Mouse. Or the Drone….on and on…and on……..zzzzzz

"90% of how well the talk will go is determined before the speaker steps on the platform." Somers White

Thirty Top Tips to Ensure You Give a Dynamic Speech

Read these tips and incorporate them in your ready made speech to ensure that you go like a pro
Order a copy of Bullying Speeches Performance Pack

and all this is included.

Perhaps you are a volunteer with a children’s charity or you want to do some public speaking at your local women’s club. Perfect! Download the speeches and you’ll be on a topic which everyone can relate to. Never worry what you are going to speak about again. Everyone can relate to this speech.

Then with the Bullying Speeches Performance Pack will have as a free extra some anti-bullying drama scene studies.

So you can start planning your next drama workshop or class assembly now!!

"If you are asked to talk about bullying to a large group with very little notice –as happened to me – and don't want to let yourself down by not having prepared, get this speech. Instead of having to nervously face a large crowd of children, you can have a well rehearsed patter. This speech is a godsend for people like myself who are not necessarily gifted a public speaking!" Helmut Lang,
Social Care Worker and Beaver Scout Leader

"I downloaded the bullying speech pack two weeks ago. I used the speech to give an assembly the following day. My assistant was able to photocopy the monologues and use them in a drama class that afternoon. Over the course of the next few days we had generated a whole new mood in the school. Next week we will be using the kindness speech and holding a school competition to find the best kindness poet. I can’t thank you enough Great value for money. Anouja , Minneapolis.

Tried to cover the same old words about bullying? Maybe you have got some Government guidance notes. Let me tell you, These speeches may be politically correct – but I can guarantee you they’ll never convince any hardened toughie to change. So unless you’re looking to just tick the boxes on discipline - you need an anti-bullying speech that actually works. And a set of anti-bullying monologues that young people can relate to.

So which of these following Bullying Speeches Performance Pack items could you use right now?
A ten minute bullying speech to use and adapt (make shorter or longer)
es having to write one yourself

40 monologues to use in class
Get peace of mind knowing you have a follow up resources for audience participation

Some opening paragraphs to start your bullying speech
Gives the the ability to alter your opening

30 tips to Ensure You Give a Dynamic Speech
Get professional tips to help you perform better

But wait, there’s even more!

Along with all this we have even included two other tried and delivered speeches on bullying. ‘Pointing the Bone at Bullying’ and ‘Cyberbullying Is On The Increase’. Just like the speech on 'Peer Pressure Bullying' you can change them however you want. Add facts, or do some up to date research and drop in some statistics. It’s up to you. But whatever you add or don’t add, these are just a great way to start!
A-ha! So how much does all this cost? I hear you ask!

Well, realise that this collection of anti-bullying resources could easily sell for hundreds of pounds. But the Bullying Speeches Performance Pack is only a snitch at just £29.95!

SPECIAL DEAL! Order today and benefit from the specially reduced price of £2.95!

And as the revenue from the Act Against Bullying monologues goes directly to children’s charity Act Against Bullying by buying this package you will also be helping a worth while cause.

So what are you waiting for? Act now to download your bullying speech.

To order your copy of the Bullying Speeches Performance Pack so you can download it immediately please click the 'Buy Now' button below! As soon as you have made payment you will be redirected to a page where you can access your resources.



And if you are not satisfied, we will give you a full refund on your money!
P.P.S. Just think! You’ll never again suffer through the pain and hassle of trying to get together some anti-bullying resources in a hurry.



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